Your Perfect LA - Palm Springs - Phoenix Sunny Itinerary

Thinking about exploring the American Midwest in a series of 3 cities? Then look no further then this quick and easy guide, inspired by a trip I took a couple years back from LA to Palm Springs to Phoenix. The cities on this trip contain all different aspects that are meant to be explored by a road trip consisting of several days, spanning the sunny beaches and laid back atmosphere of Los Angeles, to the vacation homes and relaxation centres of Palm Springs and Phoenix. The west coast has been known to be the best coast, because of the ocean, the hiking and the laid- back atmosphere. Find yourself in LA, and relax in the spas in Palm Spring and Phoenix. Come here for a girl’s getaway for a nice relaxation to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Ideally, come here on a summer weekend and start your journey off at the center of entertainment, Los Angeles.

From your starting city, land at LAX- Los Angeles International Airport and rent a car to explore the greater LA area. Los Angeles needs no introduction as it is here that movie legends and all the celebrities have once crossed paths, from the famous Staples Centre to various other establishments. LA is also home to many up and coming modern and sleek restaurants from various cuisines, such as famous Korean style fusion food and Mexican food. The very best chefs are also located here, as many modern up and coming restaurants compete for top place here. Here in Los Angeles, also check out famous new and old attractions such as the TCL Chinese Theatre, as well as new the iconic streetlights at Los Angles County Museum. If you like entertainment, explore Universal Studios Hollywood and check out Disneyland on your way if you enjoy theme parks. Drive around the different districts of LA, from Beverly Hills to downtown LA, and take a cruise along the oceanside in Malibu. While your in LA, take advantage of the Southern California lifestyle of warm not not mild temperatures, and shopping in its various districts before you hop on the I-10 for a 2 hour and head over to Palm Springs, when you will begin to see the change in scenery as you head toward Palm Springs.

From Palm Springs, the quintessential spring playground, known to be the previous playground of 1920 Hollywood celebrities, known for its golf courses, lazy palm trees and the quintessential Coachella Music Festival, you will never feel too bored here. The famous golf courses here all provide spectacular views of the palm trees amid the humid desert canyon. However, there are also many other things to do in this small city besides golf and the hot springs, including hiking the Waterfall Oasis at Tahquitz Canyon, and traversing Joshua Tree and going on the Hidden Valley Hike. Known for being a perfect retirement destination because of the laid- back atmosphere, Palm Springs is also well known for be a getaway for bachelorette parties and romantic getaways, because of the world-class accommodation in offers in a small town setting. Indian Canyons are also a great choice for hiking near Palm Springs, and contain huge - standing plant like trees situated on top of an Indian reserve. Coachella Valley itself offers dozens of hiking trails to choose from and an abundance of rare wildlife amid a desert oasis.Enjoy shopping at the vintage boutiques and get pampered at the day spa at the gold course, all while indulging in your favourite relaxation activities, whether that be golf or hiking.If you have some time, be sure to check out some local museums, such as the Palm Spring Air Museum. The weather here, as it is in Southern California, is great for hiking and wandering around in the outdoors, so be sure to check out those activities.

After relaxing at your palm springs hotel and resort, head over on I-10 E further into the desert to the cities of Phoenix and the state of Arizona to see the incredible desert plants in action from the Desert Botanical Garden, which features an array of cacti and other plants local to the region. If your interested in history, be sure to check out the Pueblo Grande Museum and Cultural Park, which shows Pre-Columbian archaeological sites and ruins. If you are interested in archeology, then you will most definitely find interesting things at this museum, which offers artifacts and hidden gems amid the ruins of an ancient village. If you have some free time, be sure to head over to Old Town Scottsdale, a historic old town with unique stores reflective of the American SouthWest and browse their selection of the latest midwest apparel. If you are interested in hiking, then be sure to go in the spring, winter or autumn and check out iconic destinations such as Camelback Mountain and Papago Park, offering the best views of the desert landscape in this area. Be sure to check out the Mexican cuisine here in Phoenix, as it is very popular to dine at authentic and large Mexican establishments serving the freshest tacos and harbouring the freshest ingredients. The scenery as you drive past the I-10 is rather barren, and I was surprised to see the lack of evergreen trees that the Pacific NorthWest is so accustomed to. However, what the lack of lush green trees makes up for its sunny and welcoming atmosphere, along with the diverse collection of plants and animals native to this region.


Be sure to head to these cities during spring-time (Feb-May), when the temperatures are still not so warm, but yet mild enough to enjoy the warmth of the Arizona and California sun. Desert temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees celcius during the summer, combined with the heat and sweltering temperature, which makes for not so breezy a trip. Be sure to plan at least a week to explore the attractions of these cities, calculating for driving time and various excursions. If you looking for a perfect sunny road trip, then this road trip provides all the elements of excitement, a laid-back atmosphere, shopping, entertainment, and natural surroundings.

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If your looking for a nice relaxing getaway with girlfriends or with your significant other, then look no further than basking in the hot springs, spas, golf, and natural scenery in the American SouthWest. Rent your car and tour the expansive area of this land and be on the lookout for cacti and other animals. Along the way from LA to Palm Springs to Phoenix, get ready for a change of scenery and pack your sunscreen for a full-sun filled trip away from the rain and gloom.

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