Top Things to do in New York - Highlights in this Fast- Paced City

New York, New York, the city that is slowly awakening from the pandemic, has recently announced that it will be planning to reopen more facilities by summer 2021.Known as the city that never sleeps with endless entertainment and a hub of culture, its many districts also entice visitors alike and locals alike to keep on coming back.As a city that is constantly reinventing and innovating itself, even during the pandemic, there are many things to explore in this exciting city, with new and old attractions alike. From the One World Trade Centre to the Harry Potter centre coming in 2021, New York always brings one coming back to the city and through the setbacks, New York always finds itself rebounding. When you come to New York again, which destinations and attractions will you be itching to go back to?

Brief History:

While New York itself needs no introduction, it used to be known as New Amsterdam. Because of its name,New York was long destined for success as a city given its nickname from its inception. The first European explorer first discovered New York in 1524, an Italian by the name of Giovanni da Verrazanno, leading to the height of the strong influence of New York's Italian culture. In 1626 the Dutch bought the island of Manhattan from the Native Americans, and later on New York City gained prominence in the 18th century as a major trading port, slowing becoming one of the top influential cities in the world today for finance,fashion, art and more.

Top Experiences:

1.Times Square :

Originally known as the Long Acre, named after London's carriage district, Times Square was originally a open space consisting of a few apartments.Known for its billboards and broadway shows, Times Square may be also famous for the New Years countdown every year during non- pandemic times. Come here to see the latest shows, advertisements and more. This pedestrian walkway is one of the largest in the world, and is known as the entertainment capital of the world. Many people who might not even be familiar with entertainment come to people watch and more at this location.

2.MET Museum

If you enjoy art or art history, then the MET Museum is a popular destination to get aquatinted with not only modern history but the history of ancient civilizations as well. One familiar with the artist Vincent Van Goh may be familiar with his famous “ Bouquet” oil on canvas on display at the museum and various other paintings. For those of you you love exploring cultural artifacts, the MET has an extensive Egyptian art collection displayed chronically in over 40 museums, along with various asian art and other ethnic collections. The wide open settings and modern atmosphere of the MET is a great place to learn more about history here with the MET's collections.

3. Empire State Building

The Empire State building may be a testament to the history of New York itself - built in 1931 - it has seen the history of New York unfold and millions of people visit its sky deck offering panoramic views of New York City. In the late 1920s, New York was in a time of great expansion, and the Empire State Building was a quest at the time to build the largest skyscraper in the world. Today, it still entices millions of visitors from around the world who come to ride the elevator to the top 73 layer to see the sights of New York City.

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4. Central Park

Take a break from exploring the city at Central Park, located between the upper west side and the upper east side, taking around 2 hours to walk the entire park. You may see familiar scenes from famous famous movies and TV shows alike, highlighting the idyllic park atmosphere. With benches and gazebos on the side of the streets, Central Park is also home to many famous sculptures, including the Alice in Wonderland sculpture. There are also various species of animals discovered in Central Park, such as a new species of mandarin duck.

Credits to Jim Linwood

5. The High Line

A former location of freight trains on street-level tracks in the neighbourhood of Chelsea, the High Line underwent gentrification in the early 2000s to become an area of outstanding artwork, and today harbours many exciting restaurants, plants and trees. This public space is a exciting modern space for performances and a outstanding neighbourhood hub. An example of New York's new gentrification project, the High Line is a excellent place to visit when exploring the various districts of New York.

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6. Staten Island Ferry - Statue of Liberty

This free 25 minute ferry gives you a birds- eye view of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, which attracts millions of views each year. The Statue of Liberty was a gift of friendship from France to the US in 1886 and is a symbol of freedom and democracy in 1886, however the meaning has changed over time. During the war, it began to represent a sense of patriotism for the soldiers on the war front and home front alike. Today, it is a symbol of welcome for immigrants, of new opportunity, and of new dreams to fulfill. Don't miss out on the incredible opportunity to see the face and symbol of New York City and the values that it champions when taking the Staten Island Ferry.

7. Touring New Yorks’s various institutions

From New York University to Columbia to Juilliard, there are so many exciting campuses to explore here in New York that cater to the arts and sciences, theatre and more, inspiring millions from around the world to live their dreams. Whether you are interested in the liberal arts, music or pursuing screenwriting as a career, the best of the arts is located here in New York City.

8. Bull on Wall Street & Fearless Girl

The Creator of the famous bull on Wall Street had humble origins in Italy, born in 1941. He immigrated to New York to become a sculptor and built the bull as a symbol of inspiring people to carry on through the hard times after the 1987 stock market crash. Today, opposite it stands the Fearless girl in the financial district of New York, inspiring millions of people around the world to live our their dreams. Both sculptures are examples of perseverance during times of hardship over the course of history, and are exciting locations for a selfie or Instagram picture.

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New York City is a city a city that you definitely want to explore at least once in your life: the dynamic city streets, entrepreneurial outlook and optimistic outlook on society will entice you to come back to its home- made Italian style Brooklyn pizzas, Michelin - Star restaurants,along with ever changing landscape of its streets inspire you to achieve your dreams. If you are in New York longer, explore the various districts more in depth, from the High Line in Chelsea and Brooklyn Bridge to the upper east side and upper west side. Each district tells the story of New York, along with the various culinary delights, entertainment, sights and more that will leave you wanting more.

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