Discovering the Charm of the Maryland Coast - Blue Crab and More

There are many cities, towns and small adventures waiting to be experienced on Maryland's Coast. Whether you are interested in blue crab, fishing, swimming or just simply relaxing with friends and good company, then you will find that in Maryland. If you are itching to get away from DC for the weekend, be sure to check out some of the small towns on Maryland's eastern and western shore, with British and Irish influences reflected throughout the cuisine and culture. Experience the waves of the Eastern Bay wash across your face as you breathe the fresh seaside air, washing away all your anxieties. The Maryland Coast is home to some of the most idyllic scenery that one can imagine. Four small towns that you should definitely visit include St Micheals, Kents Island, Annapolis and historic London town. Driving out from DC within 2 hours, you will arrive in St Micheals, known as the town that fooled the British because the town's residents were forewarned that the British would attack. From St Michales, Annapolis is only a brief away hour drive away, with Kent Island located in between. Each of these hidden gems on the Chesapeake Bay all have their distinct charms and are the perfect weekend getaway from the city during the Spring or Summer.

Known for being a gem on the Chesapeake Bay, St Micheals town is a nice town to get ice cream, relax near the water and explore the maritime culture. The outdoor portion of the Maritime Museum is nice to relax and admire the boats on the marina. Along the old town, there are also many boutique shops and souvenir shops for you to pass the time, as well us paddle-boarding and bike rentals. Reminiscent and still intact with olden charm, the town is a beacon for those looking for a small-town escape. Located in the prime region of the Chesapeake Bay, St. Micheals is known for its historical charm and colonial history. Be sure to check out the relics and remnants of history displayed throughout the town, from the cannonball to ships that were once used for expeditions. Festivals are so prevalent during the summer and the scenic outdoor atmosphere is nice to have a picnic on a warm summer day. If you walk along the waterfront, you will be sure to find many crab photos, even some located on the ground.

From, St. Michaels, drive around an hour to grab lunch at some of Kent Island's most savoury crab restaurants located near the water.One of the top restaurants you should check out in Kent Island include the Harris Crab House, which has the most savoury oysters and seasoned crab that you will have on the Maryland coast. The prices are relatively decent priced for the region and you wont be disappointed with the outdoor seating on the patio. On Kent Island, also be sure to check out Terrapin Nature Park, which contains an isolated beach and many trails to walk around. The Chesapeake Bay bridge can be viewed from Kent Island on a clear day, connecting the Eastern shore of Maryland with the western shore. This is a nice place to relax and get away from the city, whether through walking, hiking or exploring different nature trails.

Annapolis is known as Maryland's capital city and known for its boutique shops and 18th brick motor shops. Similar in structure too many small town on the Irish Coast, Annapolis still embodies the charm of a 18th century seaport. Known for being a popular get together place for sailors in the 18th century, today it still retains that charm as a bustling place for arts, culture and relaxation. Come to Annapolis to see not only the William Pacha House and Garden, but most notably the Irish culture reflected on the streets and bustling seaport. A once bustling 18th century seaport, Annapolis today is still renowned for its hospitality, and seafood cuisine. There are several notable seafood restaurants in the area scattered near the water, and are ideal to stroll past on a warm sunny day and enjoy the view. Located less than an hour away for DC, it is a great day trip to get away from the city to sail especially during the summer or pass time with friends. The United States Naval Academy is also located here, and is a great place to pass by.

Lastly, for a nice day trip in another idyllic Maryland town that is relatively unknown to most people, be sure to check out historic London town located in Edgewater, Maryland founded in 1683. Travel back to the heyday of London Town and stroll through the magnificent gardens, while learning about the role of slavery and the different ways in which the old town was constructed/governed in the 17th century.London Town and Gardens span over the South River and is a vibrant sanctuary away from the city. Come here during the flower booms to see vibrant spring camelas and other flowers in full bloom. A great place also for photoshoots and weddings today, the scenery of London Town is definitely one to leave you coming back and breathless.

If you still have time, be sure to head out for a picnic at one of the closest beaches to DC, Sandy Point State Park. With tons of parking and view overlooking the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, there is the perfect place to have a picnic or play beach volleyball and relax on a warm sunny day, especially in the summer.

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Leaving the edge of DC and driving along the Chesapeake Bay Bridge into eastern and western Maryland, you will discover charming small towns that will gravitate towards you with their charm, cuisine and overall ambience.The Maryland Coast is an existing East Coast mini-road trip that you have to take at least once in your lifetime. Whether you visit Annapolis, St. Michaels or Kent Island, there are sure to be memories to be created when you go. Spring and Autumn are ideal times to enjoy the scenery of the blossoming flowers and changing of leaves, while experiencing the scenery that the east coast for all it has to offer.

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